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A soccer program for refugee youth in houston.

Amaanah Lions is a free soccer program for refugee youth in Houston. We are part of Amaanah Services, a registered 501c charity . 


Refugees and immigrants from any background aged 16-25 are welcome to join us
for recreational and competitive play all year round. 

Games are played on Sundays at Bear Creek Pioneer's Park. In the 2021/22 season, Amaanah Lions will play in Division 2A. 

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We're here to help Houston refugees adapt to their new environment through soccer, supporting them as they build friendships, integrate into a new city and find their place in America.

Everyone is welcome. If you were born ten thousand miles away or ten minutes, you'll be able to train and play with us.  



Amaanah Lions is a part of Amaanah Refugee Services. 

Amaanah is on a mission to integrate resettled refugees into their new homes and communities, with a focus on supporting the women and children.



Our story

The Lions began as the Universal Soccer League in 2014, running training programs, leagues and tournaments in the local refugee community.