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Mluli Mmunga






Weight LBS


13 goals in 9 games










3 Miles

About Mluli Mmunga

Mluli arrived in the US in 2009 from Tanzania, after losing his family during a period of civil unrest. 

He lives to play football; it has remained his constant ambition since childhood. 

Since his resettlement in the Houston, he has worked hard on his studies, graduating high school in 2018.

Academically he is a C/B student, which is obviously a massive accomplishment from his starting point. He will go further with the right support. 



Amine Amrouni


Lions Head Coach

2019 Houston Dynamo Community MVP

When we first met Mluli we had just sent our leading striker off to the University of New Mexico, and we were very worried about filling the gap. We quickly realized that we had stumbled on an asset potentially even stronger than the very talented player we were losing. 

He has everything. Power speed and stamina, combined with ball control and decision making. 

He's a very positive influence on the program and on the younger players. He loves the game more than anything, and it's there in the way he conducts himself on the field and before and after the games. Most important, I think, is his commitment to training, and to improving himself physically and technically. 

He will be a massive asset to anyone who will give him a chance. 


Richard Spragg

Lions Program Manager

Mluli is probably the best player we've brought into the program in the last five years. We have had three other players take scholarships, and I consider him superior at this point. There's a reason we're going to this much effort on his behalf. 

He is fast, with and without the ball. His close control is excellent, although he never uses it unwisely. He shoots with a power and accuracy I have not often encountered. 


His stamina and physical conditioning are exceptional. He takes his health very seriously. He is strong on the ball, and will tackle, but he plays clean. 


His attitude to playing, being coached and being part of a team is A+ at all times. We have made him captain of the Lions this year in the hope that his maturity and generosity on and off the pitch will spread to others. 

He will occasionally become distracted when he knows he is being targeted by the other team's defense, which is happening fairly early in games when they realize the danger he poses. But he accepts this and is already showing improvement.