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a brief overview of the program

Welcome to the Amaanah Lions


Amaanah Lions is a free soccer program for refugee youth in Houston; the program is a key part of Amaanah Services’ commitment to youth empowerment. Refugees from any background aged 16+ are welcome to join us for recreational and competitive soccer all year round.

We're here to help these boys adapt to their new environment through soccer, supporting them as they build friendships, integrate into a new city and find their place in America. In addition to a high standard of training from qualified coaches, members of the team also receive support and mentoring with healthcare, jobs and education.

In 2021, we awarded $48,000 dollars of scholarships to help send Lions players to college. 



Over the last eight years, hundreds of young people have trained and played with the Lions. In the future we hope to expand the program to other US cities, where we can help more young people to overcome the many challenges that refugees face, and fulfil their potential in America.

We are reliant on the generosity of our supporters to fund our program, which is managed by a small team of volunteers.