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Abc News- Amaanah Lions reflect on Ukraine and the refugee experience.

This month, our former captain Mluli Mmunga reflected on the refugee experience for ABC News. As the war in Ukraine creates a million new refugees, some of our players have a unique perspective.

"In Africa, I never felt like an outcast. But when we came over here, I felt like I didn't belong, especially as a kid going to school with no English. It was hard," he said. "But my parents pushed me to pursue an education because they wanted better opportunities for me. They were limited in the jobs they could get."

"Imagine leaving something you knew your whole life. Now you have to move here, just because someone doesn't want you to be there, or they're trying to take over your land."

Read the full article here:

Russian invasion of Ukraine: Houston's resettled refugees share perspective of those evacuating Ukraine - ABC13 Houston

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