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Awards Event crowns Lion's inaugural Season

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

The 2019 Championship Winning Amaanah Lions

On Sunday, the Amaanah Lions officially closed their first season with a humble but impressive awards dinner at the Dominion Post Oak in Uptown Houston.

Undefeated, as ever, by the unseasonable weather, the Lions enjoyed a feast of burgers, chicken and hot dogs cooked, served and eaten in constant rain.

Coaches Chakir Cherif and Hakim Yassine man the grill

After dinner, Head Coach Amine Amrouni and Manager Richard Spragg presented awards to individual players ranging from on pitch performances to sportsmanship.

Marisela Martinez of Amaanah Refugee Services presented the Championship trophy and thanked everyone for their commitment to the program, which has proved a huge success in its first season of competitive football. Amine also received the award from Amaanah Refugee Services for Volunteer of the Year.

"Amine has been the real hero of the Amaanah Lions this season," said Richard Spragg.

"We're so proud of everything that he and this team has accomplished together. The players and coaches have begun something extraordinary and we hope to see it continue for years to come."

The Amaanah Soccer program was founded in 2013 and since then David Thanoon and his team have worked with hundreds of children and young men from the Houston refugee community.

The team will be promoted for the 2019/2020 season, where they will challenge for the title in a higher league.

Details on individual awards and winners will follow over the next week.

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